If I Were the Green Hornet

Not everybody can be the Green Hornet, can they? But if I were the Green Hornet, I've got big plans to stop crimes, plans that would put the likes of Superman and Batman to shame!

1) I would give all crimesters a chance in a lifetime to turn in to the police without entering jail. Since they have the experience in commiting crime, they'd have to join the police force. Who better to fight crime than the crime masters themselves...ain't it?

2) I would create nuclear pills. Put it in a drink and when someone swallows the pills, they will explode. The explosion will be limited to the person only, posing no threat to other people.

3) I would create a mini-gun out of a fountain pen. Who'd ever imagine a pen being a gun, ain't it? So whenever I go face-to-face with a cheating businessman or a cheating professional who is a threat to national security, I take out the pen and well....that's the end of him!

Enough about me blabbering about myself being the Green Hornet. It's never going to happen is it...whether in this lifetime or the next. Anyways, don't forget to catch the first blockbuster of the year, The Green Hornet that is!

Green Hornet