The Season of the Witch is Here

Have I not told you how witches scare the living daylights out of me? With all sorts of black magic, evil sorcery and ancient primitive rituals at work, I tell you that witches are not meant to be messed with. Or else, you know, they might turn you into a mice. Or even worse, into a talking toad!

The single-most scary thing about witches for me is that they practically have the power to do whatever they want to do. Yeah, like seriously. Like I mentioned earlier, if you find fault with them, don't be too surprised if they were to turn you into a tiny puny little animal.

But well, that's on a personal level. Globally speaking, if a witch is very powerful, that witch could spell the end of whole countries, entire continents or worse still, be a threat to the very existence of the human race on the overall on the planet we hold dear to, Earth.

I think that's enough talk about witches. I'm starting to feel a cold chill run down the back of my spine already.

Season of the witch

Anyways, if you're one for witches, I got a good deal for you. Usher in the New Year by catching 'Season of the Witch' starring Nicolas Cage which opens in cinemas nationwide on 5 January 2011.