MyEG '1StepFwd' Contest

Have you envisioned a better Malaysia? If you have an idea that can bring benefit to a wide spectrum of Malaysians irrespective of gender, race and age, then MyEG will give you RM10,00 for that idea plus a budget of RM500,000 to implement it.

Here's what you have to do:

1) Think of an idea that is not politically, racially or religiously motivated to improve the lives of Malaysians.

2) In less than 350 words, send in your idea with a detailed proposal along with a photograph of yourself to

The top ten ideas submitted will be shortlisted and posted on MyEG's website and then the winner(s) will be selected. There can be more than one winner.

Grand Prize: RM10,000 cash prize + RM500,000 budget to implement the idea

For further information, Click HERE.

Submit by: 1 October 2010