Nescafe 'Chill-lah Gig' Contest

Nescafe are looking for a new jingle for their new commercial, and they are giving you a chance to have a go at it. Let your musical flair shine and if you can write the next great jingle, you could win yourself 'grr rate' prizes!

Here's what you have to do:

1) Visit  the Nescafe 'Chill-lah Gig' Contest application on Facebook and register.

2) Choose a genre and create your own mix using the Chill-lah Gig Mixer.

3) Write the lyrics for the mix that you had created.

If you are one of the top 50 contestants chosen by the judges, you would move to stage two (finals) where you would have to sing your song and shoot a video.

The prizes on offer:

First 50 submissions: 100 songs download worth RM500.

The top 50 finalists: RM 200 each

Grand prize: RM10,000

First prize: RM2,000

Second prize: RM1,000

To visit the official contest website, Click HERE.

Contest ends: 25 November 2010