Power Root 'You Can Be a Millionaire 3' Contest

Power Root's 'You Can Be a Millionaire' contest is now back for the third season. You can win yourself awesome daily and weekly prizes, as well as the Grand Prizes on offer.

This is what you have to do to take part:

1) Purchase Power Root products and and collect either the ring tab of the Power Root can or the packets of the Power Root instant drink packaging. (Refer to the contest form for more details)

2) Fill in the contest form and answer 2 simple questions. You can download the contest form Here.

Winners will be selected by Power Root on a lucky draw basis.

Here's what you could win:

Grand Prize:
1x RM1 milllion BSN Premium Savings Cetificate
9x RM10,000 BSN Premium Savings Certificate

Weekly Prizes:
26x RM5,000 BSN Premium Savings Certificate (1 winner per week)
52x iPhone 3GS (2 units per week)

Daily Prizes:
1300x RM500 BSN Premium Savings Certificate (10 winners per day)

To visit the contest's official website, Click Here.

Contest ends: 31 October 2010