Livita 'Cool Gear' Contest

Revitalise with Livita and win fantastic prizes by taking part in the Livita 'Cool Gear' contest.

Here's how you can join the contest:

1) Purchase any Livita products.

2) Circle the 7 hidden Livita products in the picture in the contest form.

3) Complete the slogan 'Livita is...' in not more than 15 words.

4) Fill in your details and complete a short survey.

5) Send in the contest form to the designated address.

Winners will be chosen based on the most creative slogan.

The prizes on offer:

First Prize: 2 x Panasonic 50'' Plasma TV

Second Prize: 5 x Sony Playstation 3

Third Prize: 5 x Garmin GPS

Special Prize: 10 x Apple iPod Touch

Consolation Prize: 50 x RM50 KFC Voucher

For further information, refer to the contest form.

Contest period: 1 October - 30 November 2010