The Haven 'Name This 280-Million-Year Old Rock' Contest

Take part in The Haven's 'Name This 280-Million-Year Old Rock' contest to stand a chance to win a total of RM50,000 in cash prizes.

Here's how you can join the contest: 

1) Log on to the contest's official website.

2) Give a name to the 280-million year old rock as creatively as you can.

3) Complete the slogan in less than 10 words. 

4) Fill in your details and hit 'submit'.

Winners will be selected based on the most creative entries.

This is what you could win:

First Prize: 1 x RM25,000 cash

Second Prize: 1 x RM10,000 cash

Third Prize: 1 x RM5,000

Consolation Prize: 2 x RM1,000

Best slogan:

First Prize: 1 x RM5,000

Second Prize: 1 x RM2,000

Third Prize: 1 x RM1,000

Fur further information, log on to the contest's official website.

Contest ends: 10 January 2010