Analysis: Malaysia's Preferred Contest Genre

Malaysia's Online Contest Portal conducted a poll to analyse which types contest do Malaysians prefer taking part in. Here, we have the results from this poll, which drew 114 responses from a Malaysian audience over a ten-day period beginning from the 8th till the 17th of April 2011.

From the results of the poll, it's pretty apparent that a majority of Malaysians prefer lucky draw, game and slogan-based contests. A moderate number of respondents preferred SMS and photo-based contests. However, only a handful of respondents showed that they like voting, highest purchase and vidoe-based contests.

What this means?

In recent times, we have seen more profound cases of cheating, and this has resulted in only a small number of people who prefer voting contests. Additionally, highest purchase contests have proved to be misleading to the public since the average consumer stands no chance of winning against others who buy products worth thousands of Ringgit just for the sake of winning, and the results of this poll mirror those sentiments.

On the other hand, the types of contests that require a certain amount of effort, skill and hard work, such as photo and video contests, are not particularly favoured by the Malaysian community. Incredibly, only 1% of the respondents favour video contests. Perhaps this means with some effort, the chances of winning video a contest can be quite high.

On a separate note, oranisers should pay attention that many people still have a liking for slogan and lucky draw contests, where contestants are on a fair and level playing field. Also, although there are many known cases of cheating in game contests, they have proven to be a hit among the Malaysian contest community.

We look forward to your participation in similar polls in the future so as to enable us to conduct further analysis on the Malaysian contest community. Till then, all the best in your quest to win contests, and remember to play fair! After all, what's the point of winning through ill-gotten gains?