Livita 'Stay Sharp' Contest

Join the Livita 'Stay Sharp' Contest to stand a chance to win amazing prizes including Panasonic Full HD TVs and Apple iPads.

Here's how you can join this contest:

1) Purchase any Livita product.

2) Spot 5 differences in the two pictures in the contest form and circle the differences in the picture on the right.

3) Creatively sign the word 'Livita' in the space provided.

4) Send in your entry together with the product proof of purchase to the designated address.

Winners will be selected based on correctly spotting the differences and the most creative signature of 'Livita'.

This is what you stand to win:

Grand Prize: 3 x Panansonic 42'' Full HD TV

Second Prize: 5 x Apple iPad 32GB

Third Prize: 5 x Netbook

Specail Prize: 5 x Sony Ericsson Handphone

Consolation Prize: 50 x RM50 KFC voucher

For further information, please refer to the contest form.

Contest ends: 30 June 2011