F&N 'Double Ooomph!' Contest

Join the F&N 'Double Ooomph!' Contest and be in the running to walk away with not just one prize, but two of the same prizes.

This is how you can join this contest:

1) Purchase any variant of contest edition F&N drinks.

2) Check under the cap/tab for the special code. 2 'Fun' cap/tab will gain you a weekly prize entry. 1 'Fun' and 1 'Two' cap/tab will gain you a grand prize entry.

3) Fill in the contest form, attach the caps or tabs and send in your entry to the designated address.

Winners will be selected based on the most amount of entries sent in the respective contest periods.

Here's what you could win:

Grand Prize: 2 x 2 Peugeot 207s

Weekly Prize: 9 x 2 Modenas Scooter Motorcycle

Consolation Prize: 100 x 2 Movie Tickets (Every 30th entry)

For further information, refer to the contest form.

Contest period: 1 June - 31 July 2011 (9 weeks)