'I Love SmartHeart' Contest

Take part in the 'I Love SmartHeart' Contest to stand a chance to walk away with great prizes comprising of Apple products.

Here's how you can take part in this contest:

1) Purchase any of the participating SmartHeart Cat/Kitten food.

2) Complete the crossword puzzle in the contest form.

3) Complete the slogan "I love SmartHeart because..." in 15 words.

4) Fill in your details, attach the product barcode and send in your entry to the designated address.

Winners will be selected based on the most creative slogans.

The prizes on offer:

First Prize: 1 x Apple iPad 2 + Apple iPhone + Apple iPod Nano

Second Prize: 3 x Apple iPhone

Third Prize: 10 x Apple iPod Nano

For further information, refer to the contest form.

Contest ends: 31 August 2011