Peraduan 'Perkayakan Hidupmu' Nestle

Take part in the Peraduan 'Perkayakan Hidupmu' Nestle and stand a chance to win amazing cash and weekly prizes.

Here's how you can take part in this contest:

1) Purchase any Milo, Nescafe, Nesvita or Nestle Low Fat Milk tin/UHT.

2) Count the number of the respective Nestle products in the contest form.

3) Fill in your details, attach the product proof of purchase and send in your entry to the designated address.

Three winners will be selected each week by dividing the total number of entries by 3. Total overall entries will be divided by 10 to select 10 finalists to take part in a special challenge to determine the main prize winners.

This is what you could win:

Grand Prize: 1 x RM200,000 or RM20,000 cash

First Prize: 1 x RM15,000 cash

Second Prize: 1 x RM10,000 cash

Third Prize: 2 x RM5,000 cash

Consolation Prize: 5 x RM2,000 cash

Weekly Prize: 3 x Samsung Galaxy Tab or HP Mini Notebook (Week 1-3)
                       3 x Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3 (Week 4-6)
                       3 x Sony 40'' HD LCD TV or Sony NEX-5A Camera (Week 7-9)

For further information, refer to the contest form.

Contest period: 1 July - 31 September 2011