Darlie All Shiny White 'The Perfect White Gift' Contest

Take part in the Darlie All Shiny White 'The Perfect White Gift' Contest and stand a chance to walk away with great prizes.

This is how you can take part in the contest:

1) Purchase any variant of Darlie All Shiny White 160g toothpaste.

2) Log on to the contest website and register by connecting to your Facebook profile and upload your product receipt(s).

3) Unlock any prize (up to 3) of your choice. Different prizes require different number of product purchases.

For Tier One prizes, winners will be randomly selected, whilst for Tier 2 prizes, total number of entries will be divided by the number of items available to derive the winning entries.

Tier One Prizes: 

1 x Studio Photo Session worth RM2,500
2 x Spa Village Packages worth RM1,500
2 x Frangipani Full Course French Dinner worth RM1,500
1 x Air Ticket Subsidy worth RM2,200
1 x Louis Vuitton Handbag worth RM4,000

Tier Two Prizes:

15 x GSC Gold Class Tickets worth RM160
5 x RM200 The Body Shop vouchers
4 x RM300 Vincci vouchers
3 x RM500 Jusco vouchers
5 x Jojoba Spa Packages worth RM250
4 x RM300 Creative Nail Boutique vouchers
3 x A Cut Above Hair Treatment Packages worth RM800
5 x RM200 Sushi King vouchers
4 x RM400 Al-Ikhsan vouchers
3 x OSIM uRelax and uCozy worth RM800

For further information, please log on to the contest website.

Contest period: 1 September - 30 October 2011