'Social Good' Contest

Ever thought you could do both charity and win prizes at the same time? Well, yes you can! Just join the 'Social Good' Contest and stand a chance to win prizes worth a total of almost RM100,000.

Here's how you can join this contest:

1) Log on to the contest website and sign in using your Facebook account.

2) Select a prize that you want, and invite your friends to join this contest.

3) Share a Social Good campaign and get a minimum of 3 unique clicks to qualify for the prizes.

4) For every friend that clicks on your link and successfully registers and shares a Social Good campaign, you will get 25 points.

5) For every unique click you get for sharing a Social Good campaign, you get 2 points. 

Each point offers you one chance in the prize draw. Two pairs of winners will be selected on a lucky draw basis everyday from Monday - Friday.

The tons of prizes on offer for both you and your invited friend:

Macbook Air, Samsung Galaxy SII, Apple iPad2, HTC ChaCha, Sony PSP, Apple iPod Nano......and many many other great prizes and vouchers.

For further information, please log on to the contest website.

Contest period: 9 September - 21 October 2011