Peraduan Nestle Drumstick 'Xpedisi Misteri 5'

Join the Peraduan Nestle Drumstick 'Xpedisi Misteri 5' and stand a chance to win great weekly and daily prizes.

There are two contest categories. Here's how you can join each of them:

SMS Contest

1) Purchase any contest edition Nestle Drumstick ice-cream.

2) Obtain the contest card from the ice-cream sleeve.

3) Send in an SMS according to the information on the contest card and answer the question correctly.

All correct entries will be serialized and winners will be selected by dividing the total number of entries received daily/weekly by the number of prizes on offer.

The prizes on offer:

Weekly Prize: 5 x RM1,000 cash

Daily Prize: 50 x RM20 mobile phone top-up credit

Facebook Contest

1) Log on to the contest's Facebook application.

2) One question will be posted each day from Monday - Friday.

3) Answer all the questions and send in your entry at the end of the week together with the contest code that can be obtained from the contest edition Nestle Drumstick ice-cream.

Winners will be selected based on the quickest contestants to submit their answers weekly.

The prizes on offer:

Weekly Grand Prize: 3 x RM500 cash

Weekly Consolation Prize: 5 x RM100 cash

For further information, please log on to the contest website.

Contest period: 31 October - 4 December 2011 (5 weeks)