Peraduan Drypers DryPantz 'Ranking Mania'

Take part in the Peraduan Drypers DryPantz 'Ranking Mania' and stand a chance to win great prizes comprising of Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Swatch watches.

This is how you can take part in this contest:
1) Purchase any Drypants product.

2) Rank the eight Drypers DryPantz designs in the contest form according to your preference.

3) Fill in your details, attach the product barcode and send in your entry to the designated address.

Winners will be selected based on the rankings that are closest to that of the popular order.

Here's what you could win:

First Prize: 8 x Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Second Prize: 20 x Swatch watch

For further information, please refer to the contest form.

Contest ends: 27 May 2012