Peraduan Tesco 2016 Ong Mali

Join the Peraduan Tesco 2016 Ong Mali and stand a chance to win yourself Tesco vouchers worth RM1,000 and above every week.

How to participate in the contest:

1) Spend a minimum of RM100 in a single receipt at any Tesco outlet or the Tesco online store.

2) Log on to the contest website to fill in your details.

Winning criteria: A number of participants will be randomly selected each week and will need to undergo a test of skill - based on the Tesco weekly skill challenge. Those who pass this test of skill will be one of the weekly winners.

The prizes on offer:

Week 1: Tesco voucher worth RM1000

Week 2: Tesco voucher worth RM2000

Week 3: Tesco voucher worth RM4000

Week 4: Tesco voucher worth RM8000

Contest period: 6 Jan - 2 Feb 2016

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